A list of my publications, newest first


  1. Digitizing translucent object appearance by validating computed optical properties
    Duc Minh Tran, Mark Bo Jensen, Pablo Santafé-Gabarda, Stefan Källberg, Alejandro Ferrero, Morten Rieger Hannemose, and Jeppe Revall Frisvad
    Appl. Opt., 2024
  2. Multi-modal deep learning for joint prediction of otitis media and diagnostic difficulty
    Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard, Morten Rieger Hannemose, Søren Laugesen, Peter Bray, James Harte, Yosuke Kamide, Chiemi Tanaka, Rasmus R. Paulsen, and Anders Nymark Christensen
    Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology, 2024


  1. Video-based Skill Assessment for Golf: Estimating Golf Handicap
    Christian Keilstrup Ingwersen, Artur Xarles Esparraguera, Albert Clapés, Meysam Madadi, Janus Nørtoft Jensen, Morten Rieger Hannemose, Anders Bjorholm Dahl, and Sergio Escalera
    In Proceedings of the 6th International ACM Workshop on Multimedia Content Analysis in Sports, 2023
  2. Neural Representation of Open Surfaces
    T. V. Christiansen, J. A. Bærentzen, R. R. Paulsen, and M. R. Hannemose
    In Computer Graphics Forum, 2023
  3. SportsPose: A Dynamic 3D Sports Pose Dataset
    Christian Keilstrup Ingwersen, Christian Mikkelstrup, Janus Nørtoft Jensen, Morten Rieger Hannemose, and Anders Bjorholm Dahl
    In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Workshop on Computer Vision in Sports, 2023
  4. Multi-modal data generation with a deep metric variational autoencoder
    Josefine V. Sundgaard, Morten R. Hannemose, Søren Laugesen, Peter Bray, James Harte, Yosuke Kamide, Chiemi Tanaka, Rasmus R. Paulsen, and Anders N. Christensen
    In Proceedings of the Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop, 2023
  5. Evaluating current state of monocular 3D pose models for golf
    Christian Keilstrup Ingwersen, Janus Nørtoft Jensen, Morten Rieger Hannemose, and Anders B. Dahl
    In Proceedings of the Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop, 2023
  6. Interactive Scribble Segmentation
    Mathias M. Lowes, Jakob L. Christensen, Bjørn Schreblowski Hansen, Morten Rieger Hannemose, Anders B. Dahl, and Vedrana Dahl
    In Proceedings of the Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop, 2023


  1. Generalizability and usefulness of artificial intelligence for skin cancer diagnostics: An algorithm validation study
    Niels K. Ternov, Anders N. Christensen, Peter J. T. Kampen, Gustav Als, Tine Vestergaard, Lars Konge, Martin Tolsgaard, Lisbet R. Hölmich, Pascale Guitera, Annette H. Chakera, and Morten R. Hannemose
    JEADV Clinical Practice, 2022
  2. Was that so Hard? Estimating Human Classification Difficulty
    Morten Rieger Hannemose*, Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard*, Niels Kvorning Ternov, Rasmus R. Paulsen, and Anders Nymark Christensen
    Applications of Medical Artificial Intelligence, 2022
  3. LayeredCNN: Segmenting Layers with Autoregressive Models
    Jakob L. Christensen, Patrick Møller Jensen, Morten Rieger Hannemose, Anders B. Dahl, and Vedrana Andersen Dahl
    In Northern Lights Deep Learning Workshop, 2022


  1. Surface reconstruction from structured light images using differentiable rendering
    Janus Nørtoft Jensen*, Morten Hannemose*, Jakob Andreas Bærentzen, Jakob Wilm, Jeppe Revall Frisvad, and Anders B. Dahl
    Sensors, 2021


  1. Design of Automated Robotic System for Draping Prepreg Composite Fabrics
    Lars-Peter Ellekilde, Jakob Wilm, Ole W. Nielsen, Christian Krogh, Ewa Kristiansen, Gudmundur G. Gunnarsson, Thor Stærk Stenvang, Johnny Jakobsen, Morten Kristiansen, Jens A. Glud, Morten Hannemose, Henrik Aanæs, Joachim Kruijk, Ingolf Sveidahl, Asim Ikram, and Henrik G. Petersen
    Robotica, 2020
  2. Alignment of rendered images with photographs for testing appearance models
    Morten Hannemose, Mads Emil Brix Doest, Andrea Luongo, Søren Kimmer Schou Gregersen, Jakob Wilm, and Jeppe Revall Frisvad
    Applied Optics, 2020
  3. PhD Thesis
    Differentiable formulations for inverse rendering
    Morten Hannemose
    Technical University of Denmark, 2020


  1. Video Frame Interpolation via Cyclic Fine-Tuning and Asymmetric Reverse Flow
    Morten Hannemose, Janus Nørtoft Jensen, Gudmundur Einarsson, Jakob Wilm, Anders B. Dahl, and Jeppe R. Frisvad
    In Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, 2019
  2. Superaccurate camera calibration via inverse rendering
    Morten Hannemose, Jakob Wilm, and Jeppe R. Frisvad
    In Modeling Aspects in Optical Metrology VII, 2019
  3. Generating spatial attention cues via illusory motion
    Janus Nørtoft Jensen*, Morten Hannemose*, Jakob Wilm, Anders B. Dahl, Jeppe R. Frisvad, and Serge Belongie
    In Third Workshop on Computer Vision for AR/VR, 2019


  1. An image-based method for objectively assessing injection moulded plastic quality
    Morten Hannemose, Jannik Boll Nielsen, László Zsíros, and Henrik Aanæs
    In Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, 2017


  1. Tunnel Effect in CNNs: Image Reconstruction From Max-Switch Locations
    Matthieu de La Roche Saint Andre*, Laura Rieger*, Morten Hannemose*, and Junmo Kim
    IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2016
  2. MSc Thesis
    Automatic Localization of Impact Position in Golf Swing using Computer Vision
    Janus Nørtoft Jensen*, and Morten Hannemose*
    Technical University of Denmark, 2016


  1. BSc Thesis
    Camera-based Heart Rate Monitoring
    Janus Nørtoft Jensen*, and Morten Hannemose*
    Technical University of Denmark, 2014