Morten Rieger Hannemose


Find me in:

Building 324, room 230

DTU, Kgs. Lyngby, Denmark

I am a tenure track Assistant Professor at the Section for Visual Computing at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

My research interests are in computer vision and machine learning, with a focus on learning from images by generating them. I’m especially interested in how we can push the boundaries of making the output of a camera closer to what we see and how we can improve 3D estimation from images and videos.

I obtained my PhD in Differentiable Formulations for Inverse Rendering in 2020 under the supervision of Jeppe Revall Frisvad and Jakob Wilm. During my PhD, I did a research stay at Cornell Tech where I visited Serge Belongie.

PhD students

Year Student Name Topic
2023 – Jakob Lønborg Christensen Diffusion Models for Image Segmentation
2023 – Thor Vestergaard Christiansen Neural Form Representation
2022 – Duc Minh Tran Rendering of objects with measured translucent appearance
2021 – 2024 Christian Keilstrup Ingwersen Towards an AI-Driven Golf Coach, human pose estimation

selected publications

  1. Neural Representation of Open Surfaces
    T. V. Christiansen, J. A. Bærentzen, R. R. Paulsen, and M. R. Hannemose
    In Computer Graphics Forum, 2023
  2. SportsPose: A Dynamic 3D Sports Pose Dataset
    Christian Keilstrup Ingwersen, Christian Mikkelstrup, Janus Nørtoft Jensen, Morten Rieger Hannemose, and Anders Bjorholm Dahl
    In Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF International Workshop on Computer Vision in Sports, 2023
  3. Was that so Hard? Estimating Human Classification Difficulty
    Morten Rieger Hannemose*, Josefine Vilsbøll Sundgaard*, Niels Kvorning Ternov, Rasmus R. Paulsen, and Anders Nymark Christensen
    Applications of Medical Artificial Intelligence, 2022
  4. Video Frame Interpolation via Cyclic Fine-Tuning and Asymmetric Reverse Flow
    Morten Hannemose, Janus Nørtoft Jensen, Gudmundur Einarsson, Jakob Wilm, Anders B. Dahl, and Jeppe R. Frisvad
    In Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, 2019
  5. Superaccurate camera calibration via inverse rendering
    Morten Hannemose, Jakob Wilm, and Jeppe R. Frisvad
    In Modeling Aspects in Optical Metrology VII, 2019